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Here’s why you will love our classes

Hypnobirthing Works

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is the fastest growing childbirth preparation programme in Australia because it works. My classes will prepare you to meet whatever turn your birth takes, so that you can write your own unique birth story

Partners Learn How to Help

“Pip gave me all the knowledge, tools, confidence and positive mindset that I really needed to be an effective and supportive birthing partner. The classes were so much more educational than I could have imagined and the birth was such a team effort as a result.” ~ Dan .

Positive Birth is Possible

Birth is really meant to be a positive, enjoyable experience. Nature wants you to do it again and again!
Hypnobirthing will help remove your fears around birth so that you can work with your body and baby for the best birth possible.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ Gives You a Toolkit

My classes will fill your birthing toolkit with the Evidence-Based techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation, self-hypnosis, massage, acupressure, and active birth.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ Classes

The Positive Birth Program by Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a 12-hour course. We run regular evening and weekend classes. We can also talk about private classes run at your convenience.

Hypnobubs® Online Course

Can’t make it to my face-to-face classes? Don’t worry we can sort something out.
There is a range of online packages designed to suit you that include personal support from me

The Positive Caesarean Course

I am proud to be able to teach the world’s first c-section hypnobirthing course. No matter how your baby enters the world it can be a calm, positive, empowering experience

The Perth Hypnobirthing Hub


Perth Hypnobirthing has expanded since Pip Wynn Owen started it in 2013. Now we have more Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioners offering classes for the one beautiful, fully equipped venue


Perth Hypnobirthing in the Media

Perth Hypnobirthing’s Pip Wynn Owen is passionate about promoting positive birth experiences through informed choice and good quality antenatal classes in Perth. As such, she regularly appears in the local and national media and in online and national publications.

The Positive Birth Program


The Positive Birth program is a complete childbirth education program that will help you replace fear of birthing with the ability to birth in a calm, gentle, peaceful, and confident way, no matter what turn your birth takes.

Birth is meant to be an amazing, positive experience because nature wants you to do it again and again!

Our Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes will give you the knowledge confidence and tools to work together as a team and get the birth you want.

The Positive Birth program explains the process of birth and will train you to work with your birthing body. It will also teach you specific breathing techniques for an easier and gentler birth. All the techniques you learn are aimed at helping you achieve a deep state of relaxation which reduces the release of stress hormones and enables your body to release its own natural relaxant; endorphins, making your birth the calm, positive experience it is meant to be for you and your baby.



“I loved attending Pip’s hypnobirthing class. I was a little unsure to start with as I am planning to give birth in private hospital but she aims her course at women who are going to a birth centre or hospital and she equips you with a set of tools that you need for a calm relaxed birth. She is supportive of midwives and doctors but also empowers you with knowledge to aim for the birth you want. I am now so excited about the birth of my baby and I can’t wait to meet him/her! I am so glad I did this course – I think everyone giving birth should do it!”


Superhuman Labour and Birth Number 2

I had the honor of meeting Chelsea and Damien during their first birth and they both gave me versions of their incredible birth journeys which I share often in my classes. They are must-reads. Damien was the one who initially signed them up for classes with a somewhat...

A Beautiful Belly Birth
A Beautiful Belly Birth

Hi Pip, Our beautiful girl ventured earth side on May 10th 2022 at 9.33 am. Weighing 3.56kg and 47cm long. Her due date was May 11th and that’s when we were booked in for our ‘belly birth’ at KEMH. However, our little warrior decided that she would like to be born a...

Letting go of fear for a beautiful birth.
Letting go of fear for a beautiful birth.

Hi Pip, We hope you’re well. We just wanted to send you a little update and thank you again for all of your advise and information in the lead-up to our birth. I had my final 39-week scan booked Tuesday 22nd and after a rather busier few days I noted I hadn’t felt bub...


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