Parenting Classes Perth

Because birth is just the start…


You are now feeling really prepared for birth but have started to wonder how to prepare for life after birth.

Or maybe your baby is brand new and you’re starting to think you should have invested in breastfeeding experts, a relationship coach, and a sleep consultant – all at the same time.

Stop. Breathe. You can do this.


“My post partum time has been perfect and I have a relaxed, happy baby.”


I want you to do parenting your way.

You’ve learned to trust your birthing instinct so it is time to learn to trust your parenting instincts.

My Breastfeed with Confidence and Baby Sleep workshops are designed to take the stress and confusion out of caring for a baby so you have more time to bond with your child and experience all the joy parenthood has to offer.

In just 4 hours, you’ll develop the tools you need to navigate tricky breastfeeding and sleep cycle moments, learn about newborn development, and build confidence in your own parenting skills.

Parenting classes

I offer knowledge, empowerment, freedom, and strength. I offer you the opportunity to be the brilliant parent I already know you are, but without the stress and worry of the unknown.

By providing you with up-to-date information about birth and babies and decades of hands-on experience, I gift you with the tools to navigate parenthood with ease.

It’s no secret that babies can be a bit mysterious, and with the internet at our fingertips there’s more information to sift through nowadays than any time before. I’ve done the hard yards and have already picked the gems out of the piles of data and anecdotes for you. And it’s all backed up by the latest evidence around neuroprotective development care of newborns. So step away from the laptop and benefit from an in-person workshop instead!

My workshop complements all you have learned in your hypnobirthing course and draws heavily on the Neuroprotective Developmental Care model (Possums & Co) created by Dr. Pam Douglas.

Come along to my next  Workshop to find out how!

“Pip is a wealth of knowledge and her evidence-based approach is exceptional.”


Meet Pip

I’m Pip Wynn Owen, I provide non-judgemental, professional Childbirth and Early Parenting Education.  I have over two decades of midwifery, breastfeeding and early parenting training experience.

I am all about working with you to give you the best experience possible. This includes after your birth too,

That’s why I have done further training and professional development beyond my initial midwifery training.

I am an NDC (Neuroprotective Developmental Care) Accredited Health Professional, Sleep, Baby & You Accredited Practitioner and have commenced my Postgraduate Diploma of Lactology (UWA). I am also. a Mum of 4.

Preparation for parenthood is so important, as it lays the groundwork for your family’s entire future.