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There were some changes to Perth Hypnobirthing in 2023  (which has been rebranded as Perth Hypnobirthing & Co).

Pip won’t be running any Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes anymore.

Instead, she will be offering weekend and evening Birth Savvy Bub Savvy Workshops, Parenting Workshops  (because birth is just the start of your amazing adventure ) plus breastfeeding and newborn sleep support after your baby is born.


Pip will also be offering breastfeeding and newborn sleep support

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One Day Birth Savvy Bub Savvy Workshop

Looking for a fresh approach to birth and parenting education classes  that really focus on what YOU can do to get the best possible experience for you, your baby, and your family?

Or maybe you’ve already attended pregnancy and birth classes in Perth but don’t feel you have enough tools in your tool kit.

Be Birth Savvy and Learn…

What labour is all about and how to work with your body and not against

What pain is all about  and how to work with your body and brain to manage pain

What Active Birth and movement in labour are all about.

How to set up the environment for a better birth.

How to relax and enjoy your birth.

The importance of the birth partner.

How to write a birth plan or birth map to  help you adapt to all the different paths birth can take

How to optimise the physiological processes of labour, birth, bonding, and beyond.

Be Bub Savvy and Learn…

**The importance of the first hour, and longer, after birth**

Some great tips to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding.

What “sleeping like a baby” actually means and how to support healthy newborn and infant sleep.

The best way to meet your baby’s and your needs in the first few weeks and months.

How to work together as a team for a great birth and a great start to parenting.

Support after your baby is born.

Sometimes we need some extra help to build our confidence in parenting our newborn.

That’s why I am available for one on one consultations to help take the stress and confusion out of caring for your baby so you have more time to bond and experience all the joy parenthood has to offer.

I can help you develop the tools you need to navigate tricky breastfeeding and sleep cycle moments, learn about newborn development, and build confidence in your own parenting skills.

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