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What people are saying about Perth Hypnobirthing


“I loved attending Pip’s hypnobirthing class. I was a little unsure to start with as I am planning to give birth in private hospital but she aims her course at women who are going to a birth centre or hospital and she equips you with a set of tools that you need for a calm relaxed birth. She is supportive of midwives and doctors but also empowers you with knowledge to aim for the birth you want. I am now so excited about the birth of my baby and I can’t wait to meet him/her!

I am so glad I did this course – I think everyone giving birth should do it!”


“My wife and I just completed the Hypnobirthing classes with Vicki. We were both feeling anxious about the whole Labour (Birthing) process and not knowing what to expect, this being our first Baby. We now feel empowered and informed. We are looking forward to a really positive experience. I would highly recommend these Classes.

You Blokes out there, if you want to be hands-on and helpful then sign up!”


“I could not recommend Kirryn and this course highly enough! Kirryn has a wealth of knowledge and delivered the course in such a supportive and empowering nature. Not only did I leave feeling as if I had been given all the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions about my birth, but my husband also now feels completely confident in his role and how he can support me and our baby best through this amazing experience.

If you have any hesitations booking in, please don’t. You won’t regret it!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Should my partner attend?

Yes! Partners have a BIG role to play in birth.

However, they can feel overwhelmed and helpless.

Our workshops and courses provide birth companions with information and skills to be a real part of the birthing process.

I am really passionate about partners having a very important role to play in birth and feedback indicates they really get a lot out of my classes (much more than hospital antenatal class). I recently had a couple having their fourth child do my classes and the partner was really glowing about how much he learned and wished he had known with the other three.

Click the link to watch me get a little bit passionate about the subject on the 9 News Today show.

And finally, here’s what parent Dan had to say: “Hypnobirthing gave me all the knowledge, tools, confidence, and positive mindset that I really needed to be an effective and supportive birthing partner when our little boy Ted was born in October. The classes were so much more educational than I could have imagined and the birth was such a team effort as a result. Thanks for Pip!”

When should I start classes?

We recommend you do our workshops or courses anywhere between 20 to 33 weeks of pregnancy however, I recommend starting classes with Perth Hypnobirthing & Co. sooner rather than later. The classes will help you build an equal and confident relationship with your care provider. Plus, with research showing a Fear of Childbirth can increase your risk of postnatal depression by 3 times, it is important to start reducing that fear as soon as possible. Starting early means your baby will also benefit from a calm, positive Mum.

I have also had clients start my course at 36 weeks and still reap the benefits. Read Anna’s story, which shows it is never too late to prepare for a calm, positive birth.

But what if my birth isn't completely 'natural'?

I have seen how hard it is to have the birthing experience you want and deserve in a highly medicalised setting. Our workshops and courses are designed to provide you with tools to birth in any setting with any variation of birth. They can help you use your B.R.A.I. N so that you can decide on the best birth possible for you in your unique circumstances.

Our courses and workshops are all about preparing you for a calm, positive birth no matter what turn your birth takes. When we are calm, positive and informed we make much better decisions for ourselves and our babies. So that you will know in your heart you had the best birth possible with the situation you were given. Elizabeth’s story is one great example of this.

We can also help prepare you for a Positive Caesarean Birth course for when a planned caesarean birth is truly your best option. This is exactly what happened to Rachel.

What is your refund policy?

Non-Refundable deposits are required to confirm your booking.

The final payment is due 14 days prior to the course start date. In cases where the enrollee withdraws, they are entitled to a refund (less non-refundable deposit and GST) up to 7 days before the course start date or they may change to another course places permitting.

No refund will be given for a change of mind after this date.

All changes must be made in writing.

In the unlikely event that classes are cancelled by Perth Hypnobirthing & Co, a full refund is applicable.

All classes are run by qualified educators. In the case, where your practitioner is unable to take the course a qualified practitioner will take the session in her absence.

How is COVID affecting classes?

Perth Hypnobirthing & Co. agrees to continue running Covid Safe classes in accordance with WA Health Regulations and National and State directives. 

Perth Hypnobirthing & Co. has improved the ventilation to the venue and is using HEPA air filters. We will also provide sanitising solutions for attendees to clean their hands regularly and surfaces will be regularly disinfected.

An attendee who has tested positive for COVID will not be able to attend the venue during their isolation period as per WA Health Regulations. In addition, all attendees agree that if they are unwell they will not attend their session(s). Alternative arrangements will be made. For attendee(s) who decline these alternative arrangements no refund will be given.

If the government legally imposes restrictions due to COVID-19, group and private courses will be offered virtually. Where possible, these will remain at the same date and time otherwise all alternate options will be discussed at the time.

If the Perth Hypnobirthing & Co Educator is unable to attend the session due to government regulations Perth Hypnobirthing & Co agrees to find a qualified educator who will take the session in their absence. In the unlikely event, no qualified educator is available to cover the scheduled classes alternative arrangements will be made.

If the attendee(s) decides not to attend a course that is running either in person or virtually, no refund will be offered.

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