Hi Pip,

We hope you’re well.
We just wanted to send you a little update and thank you again for all of your advise and information in the lead-up to our birth.

I had my final 39-week scan booked Tuesday 22nd and after a rather busier few days I noted I hadn’t felt bub much so mentioned it in my scan and the sonographer also picked up no movement and so sent me straight up to fetal assessment. We were told with have reduced movement on a few occasions and with bub being IVF they wanted to induce me there and then with cevidril, my husband and I took our time to discuss it and asked lots of questions but when they then said the main priority was to have a live birth we said yes right away.

They also did a stretch and sweep at the same time, saying I was already naturally 2cm but my cervix was too high to ‘sweep’

This happened around 2:30p m on the Tuesday and I was left on the maternity ward in a lovely room to have monitoring overnight.

Hubby went home to collect all my bags and when he came back we set up with led candles and I got sniffing my clary sage. We played beautiful soft spa music and I was as content as ever.

By 9-10pm-ish I was getting rather noticeable contractions and another examination showed I was only 3cm- we were encouraged to get in lots of rest as “it was going to be a long night ahead and into the next day”

Long story short my contractions Amped up massively and I was just using a hair comb in my palms for pressure points and biting on its handle during the main part of my surge.

My husband also encouraging me to relax was taking a nap on the chair when I just listened to my body and knew I needed to push. Going to the bathroom and getting rather messy with clots and blood I called the emergency button and the midwives came in looking rather shocked and said time to go down to delivery.

This was around 2:45-3 am-ish…. I entered birth suit and was told to lie down and push. I said I’d rather go on all fours which I did, breathed/ bared down when it felt right, and had a little gas and air…. 3:22 am our little boy Mason was born a very healthy 3.69kg.

The midwives couldn’t get over just how quickly it all happened and not wanting or needing any pain relief. I had a stage 2 tear which once stitched I walked myself and our beautiful new son back to the ward and our new life began.

Had it not been for hypnobirthing I just can’t envision such a beautiful and natural birth. I am over the moon we invested the time and money to “retrain” my brain and let go of all the fear…. So much so I actually can’t wait to do it again one day!!

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!
Two very besotted parents,

Charlotte & Mat xx