I had the honor of meeting Chelsea and Damien during their first birth and they both gave me versions of their incredible birth journeys which I share often in my classes.
They are must-reads.
Damien was the one who initially signed them up for classes with a somewhat skeptical Chelsea.
I titled Chelsea’s version From Fear to Deep Trust  and Damien’s story Race Day: Hypnobirthing through Dad’s Eyes
I was delighted when Chelsea contacted me about doing a refresher for baby number 2.
And even more delighted when Chelse sent me Birth Story Number 2.
It is such a great story with a bit of a twist at the end…

After having an amazing hypnobirth experience with my son, I always looked forward to the day when I got to relive that superhuman moment of labour and birth with my second bub.

The lead-up and practice was definitely a challenge, with a toddler ruling my thoughts and needing to be constantly entertained/fed, it was hard to find that bubble of peace and much of my forethought was to prepare him for his baby sister’s arrival. I didn’t feel as prepared, but I took comfort in the hypnobirthing tracks that I never consciously heard the fourth line of Melissa speaking and was confident in what I learned previously and knowing my body’s capabilities.

40 + 5 she decided it was time, tightenings started at 2 am at every 10 minutes and I was able to sleep the other 9 minutes until 5:30 am when Mr.2 woke up and was swiftly picked up by my mum.

My husband put a movie on and tightenings dropped to 5 minutes and were still very manageable by sitting on my fit ball along with deep breathing and using the TENS machine.

At 9 am I decided to lay down and listen to the tracks and woke up just after 10 am to find that they had now spaced out til 11 minutes apart. I stopped the tracks and walked around the house and by 11 am they were back down to 2 minutes. Time to call the midwife!

We arrived at FSH, Family Birthing Centre at 11:30 am, tightenings were all over the place but we were left to ourselves in this beautiful facility for about 30 minutes when I was then examined and was deemed able to stay.

My midwife persuade me to do a stretch and sweep to really get things going, which I was reluctant to accept but she did say I could have a baby in an hour which sounded pretty good!
At 12:45 pm I got into the pool, which felt amazing and my waters broke pretty much straight away.
My husband was pouring water over my shoulders during tightenings and I was able to completely relax and often fell asleep during and after them. I requested gas and air as they were becoming quite intense and I used the mouthpiece as a physical reminder to relax my jaw.

My husband was once again my complete support, he kept me fed and hydrated, liaised with our midwife, and kept our space safe and calm.

2:55 pm I couldn’t get comfortable, no position in the pool was working for me and I was completely conscious of trying to find a way.

Gas and air was now my comfort and bub decided it was time to be birthed.
The tracks were playing but as I couldn’t find my birth position I wasn’t able to get in the right headspace. I felt everything and it was intense. I birthed her head extremely slowly in the pool, my midwife prompting me to do so. Her head was birthed and my midwife was saying “just one more big push” but I had absolutely nothing left, physically or mentally, I just could not do it.
As her head was now submerged for over a minute my midwife decided to stand me up to birth her body. With my husband on one side and my midwife on the other, gravity along with my leading hand birthed my baby and I sunk back into the pool and brought my vernix-covered BOY onto my chest.

I shouted “ITS A BOY?!… ITS A BOY!!” showed my husband and we both cried tears of laughter and confusion at the pool edge.

I didn’t stay in the pool for much longer and was helped out, shaking like a leaf and completely in shock that I now have 2 sons, I was wrapped in warm towels and led down.

After a good cry, my new baby boy started breastfeeding. The placenta was really uncomfortable so we ‘waited for white’ where I then cut the cord and promptly accepted half a syntocinon injection and was completely relieved after it had been birthed.

We were left alone for a few hours and remained skin on skin until it was time to go home.

Both my births, although completely different, were absolutely beautiful hypnobirthing experiences. This course gave my husband and I a huge variety of tools and techniques but mostly gave us confidence in the natural birthing process. Thank you again for the course and the many many many links to resources. Xx

Images attached: breathing through surges at home, in-between surges at FBC, and saying “its a boy!” to Damien