So despite one OB telling her all the risks for a ‘geriatric mum’, early in her pregnancy, Brooke went on to have an awesome first birth.

If anyone is telling you you have to be induced because you are over 35 yrs make sure you do your research.

Dr. Sara Wickham has some really good resources and I wrote a blog about the dreadful culture of Age Shaming.

Also, make sure you read lots of positive birth stories of mums who rocked their births at any age.

PS Brooke also had what some people might consider a “big baby” with no problem 😉

Here is the email she sent me:

“Matt & I wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby girl arrived at 10:43 am on Monday. Weighing 9 pounds 1 ounce (4.12kg).

I went into spontaneous labour at 40wks & 3 days and had a vaginal birth.

Everything went really well and Bub & I are home and healthy ?

Thank you so much for everything, I really feel that the hypnobirthing course made the world of difference!

It totally changed my pregnancy & birth and the sense of calm and relaxation as well as being informed of my choices was so empowering.

We’ve had so many comments already about how calm and bonded bub & I both are and I know that the hypnobirthing course is greatly to thank.

Thank you again and we wish you all the best! ?

Kind Regards,
Brooke, Matt & Molly”