It might surprise you to know that many midwives choose to attend Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes for their births.

I have taught many midwives and also nurses and doctors.

Are you wondering what they can possibly learn that they didn’t already know?

A Lot!

They learn how to manage any fears they might have from being present at highly medicalised births.

They learn about physiological birth. (This is something I have learned far more about through my Childbirth Education training and my own births than I ever did through my midwifery training and work).

They also learn how to switch off their midwife/nurse/doctor brain and switch on their birthing woman brain.

But another really important outcome of the programme is that their partners learn what their role is.

Often partners of midwives/nurse/doctors will defer to them as they are the ‘experts’ and they don’t realise just how much they can help during labour and birth.


I think you will agree that Marie really got into her birthing brain with the help of Pete.


“Good morning Pip,

Pete and I completed your two-day course in Maylands recently and I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how we got on. I

I don’t want to harp on so I will try to give you a quick version.

On our due date, I had been to my aqua aerobics, saw my midwife who agreed there were no signs of me doing anything just yet and then did a spot of shopping in harbour town!!

Pete got home at 5 pm and went for a shower.

By the time he came out I was cramping, had an upset stomach and suddenly felt really really cold.

I had to put pants and a jumper on and fill a hot water bottle!!!! Suspicion creeping in.

Within two hrs I was on the toilet not able to speak. The surges were so fast and furious. I could not keep up.

Pete rang the midwife to tell her I had a bloody show but described it as a bleed! I could hear him talking to her but I wasn’t able to verbalise what I wanted.

I had the TENS on and the only relief I was getting otherwise was from Pete pressing my hip crests inwards, it felt like he was opening my pelvis which relieved the sensation.

En route to FBC I kept thinking, “It’s too early, I won’t be able to cope with the pain if this is early labour, HOLY GOD!!”.

We got to the centre and were examined. I was 6cm. I went from 0 to 6cm in 3hrs. I couldn’t believe it.

Game face was on!

We went into the shower while we were waiting for the midwife to have back up as there were other ladies in labour also.

The bath was run and we got in at about 11 pm.

My waters went.

Suddenly, there were breaks in between surges. I could rest.

Pete continued with “the pressure” on my hips throughout the whole experience.

He said the strength of my uterus was incredible to feel and push against.

He could feel baby

He could feel baby descending…as could I.

He just whispered, “remember you are in no rush, you are going to breathe him out like you have practiced” and that is just what I did. 

I was so within my body, it was magic. 

I knew I needed to let the midwife know I was crowning but I was physically unable to communicate.

She said I was just so quiet and was shocked when there was head on view.

What a feeling to reach down and pull my baby up to me.

My beautiful water baby is the most calm and placid little man and I owe it all to you and your workshop.


Midwives choose hypnobirthing


My perineum was intact and he weighed 4.4kg!

It was my dream birth.

He crawled to the breast “just like the video” declared Pete in pure amazement and we had Delayed Cord Clamping.

It was incredible!

We owe you so much. The only way I feel I can repay you is to refer people to you.

My midwife has already recommended you to many of her clients following our experience and many midwives and nurses for the same reason I felt I needed to go to Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes.

I have enclosed my “I did it” photo. I will never forget that feeling.

Thank you from myself, Pete and our beautiful son.

Marie . Xxxxxx”