Part of the deal  when you do a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course is on going contact with your practitioner until your birth.

This is because at Hypnobirthing Australia™ we recognise that circumstances can change or that sometimes you might need a pep talk.

I really pride myself on my availability to my clients which is why I am a bit reluctant to admit that I didn’t get around to replying to Grace’s email soon enough. (Confession number 1)

In my defence she didn’t give me much time and actually didn’t really need me 🙂


Grace has kindly agreed to let me share her emails to reassure and inspire others.



So this is the email I missed:


“Hi Pip! 
Hoping this (rather long!) email finds you doing well.


I just wanted to touch base with you in the hopes of gaining some advice, perspective and words of wisdom!


Having done your 2 day class back in September I have now reached and passed my “due date” of 5 December.


My husband  and I have always had in our heads that a more accurate due date is really today the 11th of December, as this was the date given to us at both our dating scan and at our anatomy scan.


They would not, however, record this on my offical records because it was only 6 days out from the expected due date based on my menstrual cycle, apparently they preference the menstrual cycle date as a policy and it has left us feeling like we have been jipped 6 days!


Regardless, we will be considered 41 weeks tomorrow and as I intend on birthing at the Family Birth Centre at KEMH I have until 42 weeks to go naturally.


Today we had CTG monitoring and a scan.


Our midwife was so supportive and reassuring knowing how incredibly important a natural physiological birth at the centre is to us and based on the health of the baby today (perfect in every way) she said we can push it right to the 42 week mark and locked in next Tuesday afternoon as the induction date.


I’m trying very hard not to be disheartened, as I’m concerned my mindset and attitude has so much affect on this.


I have done 4 sessions of acupuncture over the last 4 weeks and will ramp it up over the next few days if possible.


Also following the Debra Betts acupressure advice daily.


I’m walking a lot as well as swimming, taking some regular intimate time with hubby and using the fit ball whenever I can.


I would like to ramp up my use of clary sage oil but not sure how best to do this and how to ensure I don’t over do it.


Any advice you have about what I could employ over the next week to get this little one moving would be so so appreciated.


Thanks I’m advance for your guidance. 


All the very best,


By the time I sat down to respond to this email another one had popped into my in box:


I can’t hardly believe I am writing this, but less than an hour after I sent you an email, in need of some serious guidance facing the prospect of an induction in a weeks time, I went into labour on my own and had the most beautiful physiological birth completely supported by all my hypnobirthing techniques.


I honestly think I am still in a lot of shock but feeling amazing and already at home with my baby boy  who was born at 2:48 am today 12.12.17.


After labouring at home with surges kicking of strong and close together, I ended up with 3 hours of active labour, a 40 minute drive to the Birth Centre which wasn’t as bad as I’d pictured in my head although it wasn’t great haha, and upon arrival was almost immediately into pushing and 35 minutes laster bubs was in my arms.


I got exactly the birth I’d hoped and planned for and can absolutely attribute that to your teachings.


My husband was a champion birth partner and he too echos my praise for your course. 


Thanks you for taking the time to read these emails and and thank you again for doing what you do, it means more to us now than ever, we couldn’t be happier. 


Kindest regards,


I emailed back my congratulations (and apologies for not responding to the previous email) and asked Grace if I could share her experience.

I know of lots of other women who get disheartened because their bodies don’t seem to be following the “textbook” versions of pre labour.
It is so important to remember there really isn’t a “normal” birth experience just a “statistically average” one from research  and who wants to be “average”.
Aim to be unique 🙂
Because (confession number 2) the truth is that even your Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner doesn’t know how your labour is going to play out.


This is Grace’s final inspiring email which I know you will love as much as I do:


” Hi Pip, 


So lovely to hear back from you!


Thank you for the well wishes, we are simply in heaven right now.


Please feel free to share my words.


I wanted to add that yesterday afternoon, after having CTG monitoring and a scan and told everything was perfect with bub we still were encouraged to book in an induction date, which we begrudgingly did.


Our midwife at the FBC couldn’t have been more supportive and accommodating though and encouraged us to push it as far as we could as bub was so happy and healthy.


In the same appointment yesterday afternoon at around 4pm I also caved and asked for a stretch and sweep, out of sheer anxiousness.


When I was checked I wasn’t even dilated 1 cm so of course she didn’t even attempt it.


I left so deflated even though I know from your class that dilation should not be a consideration in my birth process other than in the exact moment that measurement is taken, I knew that and it still affected me!!


Went home and decided to go for a long swim at our local pool to decompress, had some more intimate time with hubby and by 8:30pm I had had my first surge.


We used all our hypnobirthing techniques, the most important one being Robs voice which was my anchor and got me through every surge, something as simple as my husband whispering in my ear was so powerful, and he knew just what to say too!


When we got to the Birth Centre my midwife (who knew our birth plan) raced around to create the perfect environment and totally let me run the show, all she did was support me.


I just totally went with my body and felt urges to bear down within the first 5 minutes of being there and was reaching down to receive my child 35 minutes later.


It was unbelievable, to think what we had experienced that afternoon, it really can just kick off out if nowhere!


Even with all your guidance I don’t think I fully trusted myself that as a first time mum I could adequately prepare for and achieve something as profoundly perfect as this, I feel so lucky, but I also know it was about being informed and knowing it was possible that got me there.


I had 4 sessions of acupuncture with Ian at East Meets West (he mentioned he knew you!) in the lead up and ironically the last being yesterday morning and used Debra Betts acupressure every night for about 4 weeks too.


Lots of birth ball practice and soooo much talking with my husband, just constant communicating about anxiety and fears, he was the key to supporting me through this.


I hope these words are useful to others, and I’m so pleased to be a proud hypnobirther.


Thank you for everything!! 


All the best,
Grace “

My final confession is that I owe my success as a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner (I have won the national Award 3 years running) to my fabulous clients who share their inspiring birth stories.

So Thank You Grace xxx
Perth Hypnobirthing