This is an awesome Private Hosptial hypnobirth story which shows it is never too late to learn Hypnobirthing.

This mum explains brilliantly how she used all the techniques she learnt in her Perth Hypnobirthing classes.


Our big day!

Apparently, it was supposed to be Sunday the 25th of May 2014 that you, our little princess, would be born.

I still had to do one more session of the Hypnobirthing course, but you didn’t want to wait 3 more days to meet us.

Later that day we went for a walk along the beach and we saw this wonderful rainbow, which reminded me at the rainbow mist on the hypnobirthing CD – I thought to myself that must be a sign, the birth is just around the corner.

Around 5pm we went back home in Thomas’s car and he was joking about to brake a bit rough and the baby would just slide out and in almost the same moment I noticed a gush of water running down my pants not able to stop it – there it was, my water has just broken, how exciting and we joked and laughed all the way back home sitting there in my wet pants.

Arrived at home, we called the hospital to see what we should do next.

They told us to come in in the next hour and they will check on the baby and me.

We packed all my stuff (bag, snacks, electrical candle lights, my salt lamp and my iPad with the relaxation music on it).

We were admitted at 6.25pm and sent to the birthing room where I was monitored for 20min until the midwife was happy with baby’s heart rate and the frequency of my surges.

The midwives were very impressed with my progress and that I was so focused.

After that, Thomas and I set up the room with our electrical candlelight’s, my salt lamp and the iPad and dimmed the light in the room.

The room had a private outdoor area where I could wander around and get some fresh air.

Thomas talked to the midwives about my birth preferences and they were familiar with a request for a natural birth, but most of them would say lets see how she is coping with all this.

I would say that my surges came more regularly at about 8pm lasting 45 to 50 seconds.

Every time I noticed a surge coming I raised my index finger to indicate to Thomas to stop talking or to wait with the conversation until I am back in the room 🙂

I was able to relax completely and to use the breathing technique learnt in the hypnobirthing course and with every breath I imagined my uterine muscles drawing up – allowing my cervix to thin and open.

Around 9pm the surges came on much stronger and longer and I requested a bath.

I noticed changes in the patterns of the surges while in the warm water – the surges were more intense now.

I noticed a very strong sensation coming up my upper part of my legs accompanied  a surge and I instinctively checked for the baby’s head, I could feel it, but it wasn’t crowning as yet.

Sometimes, I didn’t have time to relax between the surges, because one was following the other or didn’t go away completely.

After spending some time in the warm water the midwife monitored the baby’s heart rate while I was in the bath.

She told me to return to my room where I spent some time on the floor rocking back and forth on my hand and knees and giving strange sounds from me :/, but still able to talk between the surges.

I became nauseas and exhausted, almost having trouble what to focus on first, but I managed all of it very well.

I was more comfortable leaning forward or on all four instead of sitting, standing or lying on my back after the surges became more intense.

Back in the room, I noticed the meditation CD still running and that was such a big help to get through the surges, especially the positive affirmations helped a lot focusing on my natural birth and not getting distracted by what was going on around me.

After a while on the floor I had to go back on the bed for further monitoring, we can’t tell what time it was by then, because Thomas was busy stroking my arms, hands and legs and talking to the hospital staff.

I stayed on the bed until the birth, but I choose to be in the lateral position.

I noticed another change in my body, when he started to give me the sensation to push down and my breathing changed automatically to the birth breathing.

I was lying on my left side and instinctively held my right leg bend and up in the air to probably supporting my body to make more space for the baby to descend and push it out.

That phase seemed to be the longest, my obstetrician told me to feel the head down there and I could feel the upper part of the baby’s head just before coming out.

I pushed for a while, maybe a bit scared getting the head through the tiny opening, but what comes in has to come out eventually :/.

I was monitored all the way until our baby came out of its 9 month living space.

Our baby was placed immediately onto my chest without getting cleaned and without clamping the cord. I requested a delayed cord clamping and a natural delivery of the placenta, therefore not getting an injection of oxytocin.

After a few minutes Thomas mentioned that it was a baby girl and she was pretty calm and happy lying on my chest, not crying at all.

We had a look at the clock in the room and noticed that it was almost midnight. Earlier that night a midwife mentioned to us she would see us at her morning shift again in this room, but that did not happen – yeah we rocked it! Our little princess, Amber, was born at 23.56pm that day with a weight of 3,355g and 54cm.

Earlier that night a midwife mentioned to us she would see us at her morning shift again in this room, but that did not happen – yeah we rocked it! Our little princess, Amber, was born at 23.56pm that day with a weight of 3,355g and 54cm.

Our little princess, Amber, was born at 23.56pm that day with a weight of 3,355g and 54cm.

Thanks to the Hypnobirthing and the wonderful work of Pip for the mental preparation and explanations about the birth process, we three rocked it all the way through and I got my natural birth, without any intervention or medication.

I want to thank Pip for taking me on to her course even though I was at week 35 gestation when the course started.

In the end, I missed one session, but I was still able to get through the birth process as I wanted to.”