Logan Wilder was born 17/02/22 at 9.29 pm at 3.1kg and 50cm long.

A natural birth at 40 weeks and 6 days with a 4-hour labour and birth!!! ?

Waters broke at 5.30 pm, surges started at 6 pm. Got to the hospital at 7 pm and was fully dilated at 8 pm and he was out at 9.29 pm.

Barely had time for gas and air let alone anything else. ?

I had the hypnobirthing affirmations and birth prompts playing on repeat the whole time and found them so very comforting in the unfamiliar environment of the birthing suite. I closed my eyes and just went inwards. Matt was advocating for upright positions for me and using light touch massage and pushing on my hips during surges.

The experience was incredibly intense but also the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. ? Was buzzing afterwards and couldn’t sleep all night.

I felt superhuman after that experience.

We are home now enjoying our little baby bubble.

Thanks, Pip for all the education you provided us – it made a world of difference! Especially the continued guidance after the course.

It was a fight with the private OB right until the end.

Every time he took my blood pressure at the appointments post 39 weeks it was high – and yet when I took it again at the pharmacy an hour later it was in the normal range. ?

This OB stressed me out.

On the day I went into labour at the appointment an hour before he was insisting on an ARM the following day as he perceived me to have preeclampsia due to the high blood pressure. He even suggested he would refuse to be my doctor and I’d have to go to King Eddie’s if I wasn’t going to listen to his advice.

Luckily baby heard and got the show started all by himself that evening.

And luckily labour and birthing became an unstoppable force by the time the OB arrived so he was unable to hinder the process.

But I think fear was a big driving force as I heard him say he was going to give me an episiotomy and use the vacuum as I had been pushing too long and the baby’s heart rate was dropping and suddenly I pushed for my life and his head was crowning!

Overall I’m happy with how things went – I mean quickest labour ever for a first baby!
I got the natural birth I wanted.

But did not enjoy being in the hospital environment and didn’t feel treated like a person – more of a thing as they insisted on consistent monitoring of the fetal heart rate due to meconium-stained waters – so certainly won’t be heading to a hospital for birth again.

But I was aware of that when I decided to continue with this line of care. But thanks to you I felt very confident in making the decisions I did.

Hopefully, the OB has learnt something!

A nurse who had worked there 15 years told me they don’t get many girls like me at that hospital who didn’t get induced, have an epidural or end up with a C-section. So it just goes to show!! I’ve spoken to so many women since who have birth trauma from their first birth and feel so very lucky I was so informed.

What you guys do is sooo very important! So thank you for doing what you do!  ??

Much love,

Jasper & Matt