What a journey!

Rachel and Bryson came to one of my group classes.

They were awesome.

I knew they understood the principles of hypnobirthing and were prepared to do their homework J

However at 34 weeks I got this email:

Hi Pip

I have just returned from my ultrasound and appointment with my OB for 34 wks.

 Not greatest news:

  • Amniotic fluid is low, and baby now in breech position (feet down – so it’s moved from transverse position)
  • Not growing at normal rate, which is only an issue as it’s not a big baby in the first place – only 8th percentile for weight (2kg).
  • Concerned that placenta not providing enough for baby and hence why it’s not growing as fast.
  • Heart rate, umbilical cord, stomach etc all fine though so that’s a positive.
  • OB has requested a twice weekly CTG and weekly ultrasounds, and has told me to prepare myself for caesarean delivery and potentially early delivery/induction. I think he has done this as he knows how important a natural birth was to me, and he thinks that with low amniotic fluid the baby is less likely to turn.

 I have now also been restricted to no exercise except walking, and I am devastated. I feel like everything I had hoped wouldn’t happen is happening!!!!!

 If you can offer me any suggestions, alternatives or tips, I would really appreciate it. Bryson and I were going through our file today and I was doing my meditation and now I am so upset that the experience I have visualised will not eventuate.

 Thank you for your help



As you can see Rachel was devastated. She was fit and healthy and had been doing everything right. The thought of a Caesarean really “freaked” her out.


Luckily I had just completed my training for Hypnobirthing Australia’s world first “Positive Caesarean Birth”. This is an incredible programme that I am so proud to be part of because I truly believe Mums, partners and babies deserve calm, positive empowering births no matter what turn their pregnancy takes.


So of course I took Rachel and Bryson through this course. Bryson was brilliant and supported Rachel, and himself, through their disappointment in a beautiful calm, positive manner.

They were able to really discuss their disappointment, concerns and wishes around the upcoming birth. They also had the confidence to ask for time and build a wonderful, trusting relationship with their OB and the midwives.


Sometimes caesarean births are absolutely necessary, and then couples should have the knowledge, confidence and skills to have an amazing, empowering, bonding experience, just like Rachel, Bryson and Stevie, Hypnobirthing Australia Superstars

I hope you love this story and these pictures as much as I do.

 “Hi Pip

 As promised some positive  “Hypno” Caesar pics from me!

 You were right about everything you said – Stevie’s birth was wonderful, nothing like I had initially expected of a Caesarean but with your help, and having C as my OB, it really was an amazing experience! The staff  were fabulous, I really cannot believe how lucky I was to have been blessed with all of you in my life!

 We are adjusting to our new life and loving it – I’m a bit frustrated with my inability to exercise too much, but I know it will be short lived. It’s so nice outside and my body feels great, but I know I cannot see whats happening on the inside!

 I hope to send many clients your way – I have lots of mummy friends who would LOVE to experience what I did.

 Thank you again for everything you did.

 Love Rachel and Bryson “


Positive c/section Hypnobirth

Relaxing in the waiting room


Positive c-section Hypnobirth

So relaxed and calm.



Positive c-section hypnobirth

Hypnobirthing Australia Superstars


positive c-section hypnobirth

Happy, Calm Mum and Bub


Skin to skin

Skin to skin