This email was such a joy to receive.

VBACs can be so beautiful and healing with the right mindset and the right support.


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Hi Pip,

Joe and I just wanted to send you an update on our birth!

Our little girl Diana arrived on the morning of Tuesday the 19th, after a very quick and calm labour through the night at home.

I ended up having my intervention-free VBAC, from my waters breaking at nearly 41 weeks on the Monday morning, all the way through to the birth. I created a birth preferences plan that was so beautifully respected by the Obgyn and all the staff, and it was ready to go in my file when I arrived.

I asked for an epidural, knowing that no one was going to get me one at 8cm, but now I’m very glad I didn’t! I didn’t touch the bed until baby was crowning, I was able to feel baby turning into the right position, I was able to move my body to allow this to happen, and I was able to breathe and push from my own cues.

I ended up giving birth just shy of 2 hours after I got to the hospital, arriving when contractions were 3 minutes apart – I think we maybe left it a bit late, but I was honestly surprised with what I was coping with and how well the hypnobirthing was supporting me through the labour! I used a tens machine, shower, the affirmations, and music, and was reminding myself often of what you shared with us. Joe was amazing, reminding me to ‘flop’, relax my jaw, ‘ride the wave’, and advocating for me the whole time with so much confidence.

I only had a minor graze, despite baby being quite big with a large head and weighing at nearly 4kgs, and now I think back to the pressure of being induced with my first ‘big’ 3.3 kg baby, and the cascade of needless intervention that followed.

We were left alone for over an hour, just to breastfeed and watch the sunrise, it was such a healing experience for both of us.

I feel so sad for my past self, who had to be separated from her baby, who was so confused and terrified, who was blamed when labour didn’t ’progress’ like it should, and who was just surrounded by chaos and people.

We cannot thank you enough for the information, skills and support from your course. There is no way I would have made it to 41 weeks with patience and confidence in myself without your course. I feel amazed at what I was able to do, and how having the confidence to believe in myself and my body protected those precious early moments for the three of us together.

I’ve included some photos of Diana, and a picture of my hypnobirthing bag – I thought you might like to see it!

Thanks again so much,
Emma and Joe Restifo