I love Jemima’s wonderful honesty with her story.

Birth is a bit messy and body fluids are involved.

But women’s bodies are amazing and “I did it” moment is what it is all about.


“Hi Pip!

Really wanted to share our birth story with you.

Delilah May Mitchell arrived on April 7th at 10:59 am weighing in at 3.44kg and 48cm long.

I went into labour about 1 pm after doing way too much lifting and potting up my new plants!

Wasn’t really sure if this was “it” or not, went to bed early and when Liam came to bed at 11 things really kicked off.

Laboured at home until around 2:30 after which time Liam ordered me into the car. Was 4cm when we got to the FBC and those 6cm took forever it felt like! 1cm an hour.

But I got into the bath ?? which was a huge “I did it” moment for me.

I had my birth playlist on repeat. Liam counted down through just about every single contraction and that was a really strong focus for me. I kept visualizing laying on my back with her in my arms and repeating affirmations in my head.

The BRAIN acronym was really helpful, we certainly used it a number of times and it made us feel very empowered knowing we had that tool to work with.

Smelling my essential oils straight from the bottle was a really strong trigger for me to ground myself when things starting feeling particularly intense.

Long second stage and got the “might need to move to the hospital” talk which gave me some extra push but then it all went a little hectic as Delilah did her first poo and I ended up giving birth squatting then standing in the bath as it drained, leaking meconium everywhere and then being handed a very slimy bub!! Not a very graceful entry into the world!

Then I had to get out of the bath, placenta still in, total jelly legs and I think in a bit of shock and walk to my room down the corridor half covered in towels in the middle of the day. ? Reception got an eyeful!


Finally got to the bed to skin to skin and to rub her down and feel that “she is finally here and we did it” high. I got to wait for white with the cord so I was really happy about that.

It was a full-on experience and everything and nothing like what I thought it would be but I’d already do it again in a heartbeat!

I had no tears or hemorrhoids, low blood loss so recovering very well. Lilah is feeding and sleeping like a dream! We have been absolutely blessed!

Thank you for teaching us everything! Was a wonderful birth even though I didn’t get to have her in the water- just means I’ll have to try again next time!

Warm regards,