About Amy Swann

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a mother, teacher, and Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner. After experiencing two positive births using the tools I’d learnt in the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program – one a waterbirth in the Birthing Centre and the other a straightforward midwife led birth in the hospital – I couldn’t stop talking about hypnobirthing to anyone who’d listen! Then I realised I could use my personal experiences and my 14 years’ teaching experience to help share my knowledge with expecting parents and spread the word about the wonders of hypnobirthing.
Women are amazing. Birth is a natural and amazing process and it should be free of fear. It can and should be a beautiful, empowering experience. While pregnancy and labour can take many twists and turns, the Positive Birth Program gives birthing mothers the tools that will help them achieve their positive birth.
I am so grateful for having my two “hypnobubs” and being able to birth the way I wanted. I am passionate about helping other birthing women and their partners feel empowered and excited about their birthing day and beyond.